Lexi Lewtan

Lexi Lewtan

Lexi writes about the marketing, education, and the future of work. She's written for The Content Strategist, The Daily Muse, Brain Pickings, NYLON among other digital publications.

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Lexi Lewtan

How Udacity Steals Coder Methods To Engineer ... - Lexi Lewtan

Last night I checked out Udacity, Google-X’er and former Stanford Professor Sebastian Thrun’s online learning endeavor. They just launched a Statistics course, which, in my opinion, is both classic...

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Lexi Lewtan

Re-Engineering Education For Digital Learners - Lexi Lewtan

As knowledge becomes free and ubiquitous on the internet, motivated learners are really hitting their stride. Anyone with basic internet access is now a digital learner - an informal student to the...